6 Upward Awards Celebration Ideas

Award’s Night Tip  #1  Funding Your Award’s Celebration & Pie in the Face
Many leagues pay for their award’s night with proceeds from their concession stands. A new idea to help support your Upward sports program is to put out 8 – 10 jars with coaches, referees,  pastors, Upward director (picture/name) on a table at the start of the season (game 1) beside of the concession stand. Whoever has the most money in their jar will get a whip cream pie in the face at the Celebration. Trust me when I say that everyone is going to have a blast with putting extra money in the jars. Everyone will have fun with it while making creating extra funding for your Upward ministry.  It is a WIN-WIN  for everyone.

Award’s Night Tip  #2 for Door Prizes…This is AWESOME!!!
A few years ago I was at an Upward Celebration that gave away three door prizes. The three prizes were: $25 gift card, $15 gift card, and a Bible.

*The first winner could choose any prize they wanted. The winner chose the $25 gift card.

*The second winner could choose the remaining two gifts (The $15 gift card or the Bible). The person chose the $15 gift card and was thrilled.

*The final winner was a young man who was a 5th grader. He was happy he won but you could see how disappointed he was to win a Bible.

*Finally, The Upward Director told the young man to open up the Bible because inside was a $100 gift card. The gasp of the audience and the looks of the first two winners who chose the $25 and $15 gift cards were priceless. Finally, the Upward Director closed by saying “everyone should open up their Bible and read it tonight because you never know what you’re going to find inside.”

Award’s Night Tip #3 – Make the Year-End Awards “Special” – Build Some Excitement 
Give out the awards directly following your door prize drawing. Build some excitement as you give away the prizes by holding up each prize as you draw it, asking your players, “Who wants to win this?!” Immediately following the last door prize, hold up a player award (ball, backpack, etc)., again asking, “Who wants to win this?!” Make the “prize” seem SPECIAL and make a big deal about it. Finally, decide to just give every player/cheerleader a prize for making an effort this season. Have the coaches pass them out, (from boxes under their seats), and I promise, every player in the audience will be thrilled.

Award’s Night Tip #4 – Keep it  75 – 90 Minutes
Keep the Award’s Celebration short! I have been to Upward Sports™ events that last for three hours. Everyone will have a better time and have more fun if you don’t lose their attention span. It really is possible to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished in 75 – 90 minutes.

TYPICAL 90 Minute Upward Celebration
*Slide Show (while guests are arriving)
*Welcome & Prayer
*Upward Entertainer
*Recognize the Volunteers
*Upward Pie in the Face
*Door Prizes & Gifts for Players / Introduce Teams
*Closing Prayer

Award’s Night Tip #5 – The Award’s Night “WOW” Factor
The Award’s Night needs the “WOW Factor” that made everyone feel like this is a special event. I firmly believe you’re missing out on a great opportunity to make it a big deal. After all, this is “Award’s” Night, right? I absolutely know we can partner together to provide the solution to make your next Upward Sports™ Award Night Celebration a huge success.

Award’s Night Tip #6 – CLEAR Message of Salvation
The Upward Sports™ Award Night Celebration can be an incredibly stressful time for the director. It’s easy to get caught up in all the little details and lose sight of what matters. Having an experience professional Christian Entertainer / Inspirational Speaker that can deliver a CLEAR Message of Salvation is a huge asset that allows the director to focus on the families.   One of the Best in Christian Entertainment Ministry, Illusionist Joseph Young has been an approved Upward Sports™ Award Night Entertainer since 2005 with a 5 Star Upward Speaker Rating.

To check availability, fees, questions, etc. please contact Joseph Young -> Phone: 276-393-4410 or Fill out the Contact Form for more information!  

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