The Reading Magic Show – is the perfect literacy assembly program with a magical look at reading! Specially designed  for your elementary school or library this program is a unique blend of Amazing Magic, Squeaky-Clean Hilarious Humor, &  Crazy Audience Interaction!.  Plus, they will get to meet Joseph’s friend Bob the Magic Bookworm, which is an experience they will never forget.  A terrific educational show which promotes reading and creates hysteria among the  children. I show five giant cards depicting different kinds of books and stories you can find at the library-fairy tales, history, adventure, geography, how-to books, and-wait!-here he is!-Bob the Book Worm! But Bob is a tricky fellow, and before you know it, he has disappeared and his card is completely blank! Where is he” The students guess, you guess, but nobody can find him until he makes his surprise reappearance which leaves children hoarse and gasping. A “LIVE” bunny rabbit may even magically appear too. Suggested Grade Levels – PreK – 5th


Winter Wonderland Chill Out and Read Magic Show is packed with amazing magic with a reading theme, as well as holiday illusions, winter music, with a powerful ending where I make a snowman appear and it snows!



430102_560442207339580_787290952_nJoseph brought the world of reading alive to the children, many of whom raced to the stacks afterward to check out armloads of books.” –Lonesome Pine Regional Library Director

WOW! I was particularly impressed and appreciated the Bob the Bookworm and the message of theirs Magic in Reading.” —Kingsport Public Library




We loved the interaction with the children! You kept their attention very well. Great sense of humor and the $100 Money trick was fabulous! – Church Hill Public Library

The Magic of Reading is simply the Best’ – Pamunkey Regional Library



Magic of Reading – School Assemblies – Library Summer Reading

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